Ready to create a six-figure business,
but don't know how to stand out & speed up?

The Creative Boss Method™  is a power-packed workshop series with 6 recorded workshops that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating (or reviving) your creative business!

FREE when you join the Creartive Boss Society (a $120 value) 

What's Included?

Branding Workshop

  • Learn to identify your specific ideal audience/customer
  • Develop your niche strategy and "blue ocean"
  • Create a single resource for your brand colors, fonts, etc
  • Create a transformation statement to guide everything you do

Pinterest Workshop

  • Learn about successful Pin Design
  • How to set up your Pinterest account for SEO success
  • How to use group boards & Tailwind for a viral boost 
  • How to create specific growth strategies
  • Grow your email list from Pinterest
  • Build a sales funnel from Pinterest

Instagram Workshop

  • Learn to create a bio for clicks and follows
  • Develop your unique aesthetic
  • How to batch content with the right content
  • Create a caption plan for increased engagement
  • Identify your strategies and goals for more traffic and sales

Revenue Workshop

  • Map out your specific revenue plan
  • See how other creative businesses make 50k and up
  • Discover how to work your numbers
  • Learn the formula for successful sales strategies

Systems Workshop

  • Learn to organize your processes
  • Develop the different tools you'll use to keep growth on track
  • Create your own company playbook
  • Get the system one trick for easy outsourcing

Scaling Workshop

  • Bring your growth full circle and continue your growth
  • Learn how to keep customers coming back for more
  • Discover how to scale without creating more products
  • Learn the sales strategies for doubling your revenue

about us

Much like you, Kayla and Crystal are Creative Bosses. Both have grown unique businesses of their own to support and develop visual marketing and business strategies that grows profit and aligns perfectly with their client’s passions and purpose.

 Together, they’ve combined forces, and created CreativeBossMethod.com to bring you special events and epic resources for growing, scaling, and profiting.

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