The Where & How Of Growing Your Email List (Episode 8)

The #1 type of Content Your Instagram Needs The Creative Boss Method

  1. The #1 type of Content Your Instagram Needs

Members of the ​Creative Boss Society​ are focused around growth, and one of the fastest ways to grow your business and your revenue is to build a successful email list. So today we want to give you several methods to grow your email list and put you on the fast track to boosting your biz.

Why Grow an Email List?

But first, consider why someone would want to join your email list. Most of us already get way more email than we’d like as it is. So when a person signs up for your email list, it’s likely they recognize you have something good–some kind of value, transformation, special feature, or event–to offer them. Some of them will be so interested that they’ll even be willing to stay on your waitlist until a product or service launches.

And while amassing some huge vanity number of email subscribers might seem exciting, what really makes a difference in the effectiveness of your email list is quality and not quantity. Having people on your list who are primed and ready to dive into what you offer will help you significantly more than meeting some numeric quota . You could think of these subscribers as warm leads or qualified followers. Your followers on social media might be starting out as cold leads who need to get to know you first. But email subscribers who are already familiar with and excited about what you do will be much more likely than others to click “buy.”

Decide what you’ll offer as a lead magnet & call to action

Among the decisions that can increase your email list is finding the right place for your Call to Action. Now, this CTA isn’t your lead magnet (the valuable freebie you are giving away in exchange for an email address) itself, but it is where potential email subscribers take action on your website or other online venue so that they can receive that freebie. For example, a common place for a CTA to appear on a website is in a pop-up.

Add tools to your website to help with list growth

We’re not necessarily huge fans of pop-ups in general because they can be disruptive if not used well. To this end, we personally don’t recommend using a pop up when a website visitor is reading or scrolling. But if you strategically utilize a pop up when a website visitor clicks a button or is about to leave your page, then it isn’t such an invasive experience and can expand your email audience substantially. Plugins that can help you to put a pop-up on your WordPress website are ​Sumo and ​Hello Bar​.

Another technique you can employ for easy email signups is adding a plugin that can display forms across all of your website pages. In this way, there’s always an available opportunity for a website visitor to subscribe no matter at what point they entered your website. These sign up forms can be used at the bottom of blog posts, in sidebars, or as part of certain page sections, and they provide a natural next step for someone who has come to your website seeking valuable information and now wants more. ​Mailmunch​is an example of a tool that is great for this.

Add the lead magnet form to social media

Putting a redirect to your lead magnet in the bio area of your social media platforms is another popular method for upping email subscriptions. If you have a single lead magnet, then you can just put that link right into your bio. But if you have several lead magnet links, check out tools like ​LinkTree​or ​LinkinBio​to handle all of those redirects in a simple way.

There are a slew of other ways to get your lead magnet info out there. We’ll mention a few more that we’ve found beneficial in our own businesses. For example, Pinterest pins, Instagram posts, and Instagram Stories about your lead magnet can be very helpful. You could also try running ads for $1 per day on your social media platforms. Offering mini trainings on video platforms like IGTV, YouTube, and Instagram stories or hosting a live Q&A on Instagram or Facebook can also provide many opportunities to make lead magnet links more readily available to interested parties.

We’ve looked at calls to action, and now let’s talk about your action from what you’ve learned here today. Pick up to 3 of your favorite email subscription boosters and give them a try! Or if you’d like, go all in with just one. It takes consistency and persistence to get your lead magnet in front of your audience in different ways. The point is just take some action so you can start seeing growth in your email list!

If you’d like support in taking action to increase your email subscribers and improve other areas of your business, as well, we’d love to have you join us in the ​Creative Boss Society​. At the CBS, we aren’t all about the hustle. We believe in developing strong brands, producing massive value, and creating space for big dreams. We’re excited that we can offer creative business owners like yourself an opportunity to accelerate their businesses with continual support and monthly coaching for just over $1 per day. And our members are seriously crushing it! Are you and your business ready to crush it, too?