The 3 Types of Emails You Should Be Sending Your List! (Episode 9)

(Today’s episode is a follow up to episode eight, so if you haven’t listened to that episode yet, head over there before continuing here.)

If you find yourself staring blankly at your computer screen while wondering what to send to your email list, don’t worry! We’re going to help you out! We’ve broken email marketing content down into three main categories to help you know what content you need and where to efficiently spend your email efforts so that they pay off for your business.


What is a welcome sequence? And what is its purpose? You’ve probably gone through an email welcome sequence when you signed up for a freebie or newsletter, even if you didn’t realize what it was. This type of sequence is triggered when someone subscribes to your list, and the series can be repeated for every new subscriber. These emails introduce your audience to you and your brand, what to expect and where to go for more connection. The emails might also include offers or talk about your products or services.

A typical welcome sequence might look like this.

Email 1:  Initial hello and welcome. Make sure to give your new subscribers the freebie or whatever else they signed up for right off the bat.

Email 2: Additional resources or tools. These value-adds help your new subscribers know that you are an expert on your subject and that they’re in the right place for the information they need.

Email 3: Intro to products or services. Ultimately, you want new subscribers to take further action by choosing to purchase your products or services, so it’s important to outline what you do and the transformation your customers or clients receive from that.


Broadcast emails are probably very familiar to you. They are sent weekly or even a couple of times a week with updates and newsletters. Their purpose is to deepen the business relationship and add tons of value, with a few selling points, like sporadic discounts or special offers, scattered here and there. These emails keep potential customers or clients in contact with you and remind them that you are the person to turn to in your subject area.

Broadcast emails can take many forms.

Blog Posts/Videos: You might be blogging or producing video content for YouTube or IGTV already, so share this information with your audience.

Events: If you’re going to be speaking in an online summit or hosting a webinar, let your subscribers know so they can attend.

Services Updates: Keep your audience apprised of important happenings in your business by emailing them about things like discounts or when you open booking for your next month’s service calendar.

Social Post Links: Did you have a really popular social media post? Tell your subscribers about what’s trending in your feed.

Stories: Connect with your audience through stories of the personal transformations you’ve experienced in your area of expertise, like when you overcame something, when you quit something negative, or when you tried something difficult that you might not normally do. Potential customers and clients will appreciate knowing you’ve been where they are and you’ve achieved something they want to accomplish.


You most likely have been the recipient of emails about new products or services, too. If you’re preparing to launch a product or service for your own business or you’re wanting to warm up your audience during a launch period, email them about your new offering and highlight the transformation that offering can give them. This set of emails could have as many as twelve or as few as three emails, depending on how long the launch is. Lengthy launch periods require more touch points with an audience. Short launches or launches for smaller products run well with only a few emails.

If you’ve ever created a sales page to launch a new product or service, you’re familiar with the process of outlining key points for potential buyers, like where they are now, where they’re going, and how your product or service can help them get there. This information also makes for great launch email sequences. For instance, you could take the material from your sales page and break it up into emails with topics like the ones below.

  • Email 1: Where your potential buyers are at right now.
  • Email 2: What their pain points are.
  • Email 3: What’s on the other side of the transformation they will experience with you.
  • Email 4: The benefits they’ll get.
  • Email 5: A case study.
  • Email 6: Features and bonuses of your product or service. 
  • Email 7: Reminders about the time frame of your offer.
  • Email 8: A final call to action.

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