Ingredients to a Successful Business Collaboration (Episode 5)

Collaborations!! What are they? Why would you want to do them?

If you’ve got collaboration questions, we’ve got your answers here. And even if you’ve never thought about engaging in a collaboration before, you just might find yourself considering one after reading this.

What is a collaboration?

A collaboration is two or more business owners coming together to support one another’s audience and/or create a unique offer. This might take the form of guest blog posts, giveaways, a bundle of both of their products or a brand new product they create together.

Sometimes a collaboration can grow into a business of its own, and the Creative Boss Method is a prime example of that! Kayla and Crystal became aware of each other online when they both participated in a collaborative bundle of courses made for female entrepreneurs by female entrepreneurs. Once they got to know each other better, they really hit it off and decided to try a collaboration of their own.

Who are collaborations for? And why would they want to do it?

A collaboration is good for anyone who is looking to grow their business or is struggling to expand their audience. Collaboration is one of the best ways to rapidly increase traffic, sales and word-of-mouth buzz, because it gets a product in front of A LOT of new people very quickly.

How do you even begin a collaboration with another business owner?

There’s no need to send a cold and awkward email to a stranger (although Kayla shares a hilarious story in the podcast about purposely doing just that). It’s not hard to warm up your potential collaboration partner before you pop the collaboration question, and this is exactly the approach that Crystal took with Kayla. After they were part of the large collaboration group, Crystal wanted to get in touch with Kayla about potential projects.

So Crystal allowed Kayla to get to know her a bit first by genuinely responding to Kayla’s social media posts, and in that way, when Crystal did eventually bring up the idea of collaboration, Kayla knew exactly who she was and enough about her so that the communication wasn’t uncomfortable.

And remember that not all collaborations need to be huge projects! For instance, you could simply ask to promote a person’s product as an affiliate or interview them on your podcast or IGTV. If they have a podcast or IGTV and you don’t, you could pitch some information that would be beneficial to their audience for you to present on it. There are also guest blog posts and shared product launches to consider, as well.

  • Collaborate with other who have similar audiences as you have
  • Collaborate to sincerely help
  • Believe in the law of reciprocity

The point is to look for opportunities to help people who have a similar audience to you and to open the door to communication so that opportunities really can land at your feet when the time is right for collaboration. If you are sincere about assisting the people you contact, the law of reciprocity will kick in and sooner or later, they’ll want to repay the favor.

How do you know if you’ve found a successful collaboration partner?

Similar interests, levels of energy, and personalities go a long way toward making a collaboration easy. Good partners tend to have the same sense of urgency about a project so there is a shared commitment to making timelines and schedules sync up. You’ll also want to work with someone with whom you can have open and honest communication, create mutually beneficial boundaries, and balance responsibilities.

However, it is also beneficial to have a few differences, like your zones of business genius, and understand how they can interact synergistically. This allows each partner to work in their strengths and contribute their best efforts to the project. Kayla and Crystal recommend Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business ​by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters for some further information about this idea.

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How to start more collaborations to grow your business