How Instagram is different from other social media – It’s more than visual (episode 11)

It’s easy to be obsessed with gorgeous, on-brand Instagram grids. However, Instagram has really evolved into so much more for businesses and brands.

And while there isn’t a magic trick to give you your desired goals and metrics, today we’re going to share a three-step formula for Instagram success that will take your account way beyond just another pretty grid.

Step 1: Get Clarity around your Customers’ Practices on Instagram

When you develop the story of how your ideal client interacts with Instagram, you can build a positive, custom experience for them on your account. Ask yourself how you can show up in a fun and engaging way for those ideal clients. For example, your ideal clients might appreciate a good amount of social interaction and not want to scroll through a feed that is 100% about business. So for these followers, you could think about how to introduce more fun visuals and change the information you offer them in order to give them more opportunities for interaction. Whatever it is that your ideal clients need, fill your feed with it so they know you’re a go-to person in that area. 

Step 2: Build Relationships

Imagine what changes might happen in your business if you set a goal to go out and engage with 50 new ideal clients on Instagram this next week. If you sat down to use the platform for this purpose, what would you do to build those relationships? You would probably find yourself engaging in comments with your ideal clients and talking to them in direct messages. You might seek them out on other accounts and interact with them there. But whatever way it is that your ideal clients like to communicate, you need to get into that mode so you can attract them to follow you, to absorb the content you create, and to eventually work with you. And by having real conversations with your ideal clients, you’ll better know what problems they face and what solutions you can provide.

Step 3: Assess your Visual Content Representation

When we talk about your profile’s visual content representation, we don’t mean the aesthetics of a grid that flows nicely and has the right colors. We’re talking about how you are representing YOURSELF to your clients with the profile elements available to you.

For example, are you using a logo or a crisp, clear picture of yourself? Your picture will do much more than the logo for connecting you with your ideal clients.

What does your bio say? Does it talk about what kind of clients you work with and what you have to offer them?

It can also be helpful to have your bio direct your ideal clients to some kind of free content or special offer that you have for them. And what about your title/handle information?

These identifiers are an opportunity to tell your ideal client something important about you. Including keywords or ideas, like “business coach” or “graphic designer,” can help people find your account, too.Following these three steps alone will change your Instagram game.

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In the Society, we’re not just giving you small bits of info or quick tips you may already know. We’re getting into some really good, deep stuff around evaluating your Instagram strategy and changing the way you use Instagram to bring in more money. And even more than that, this same information can be used equally well for other social media platforms, too. So if you’re ready to up your success on your business social media, we hope to see you in the Society soon!

How instagram is different than other social medias - its not just a visual platform