Defining the Creative Boss Method (Episode 1)

First things first. We want to introduce ourselves so you understand who we are and what we’re about, We’re two creatives who both have grown unique and successful businesses of our own to support and develop visual marketing and business strategies that grow profit and align perfectly with our client’s passions and purpose. Kayla is the owner of a membership platform called The Ivory Mix where she obsessively works at making it easy and fun for business owners to create visual content without the overwhelm. Crystal is the Content Director and Commercial Photographer of a photography business that supports the growth of women in business through visual marketing. And when the two of us met and found that we both have a huge passion for helping other creative business owners, the Creative Boss Method began.  

So now let us introduce the method. This Creative Boss Method is a growth-driven road-map made FOR creative business owners, BY creative business owners. We’ve been there and understand that you want creative freedom while still making predictable revenue and achieving more impact. This strategic method is your solution to the chaos, resulting in achieving your mission, seeing steady progress, and enjoying increased revenue in a step-by-step format. 

There are 6 steps to the Creative Boss Method, and they follow the acronym M.E.T.H.O.D. 

Step 1 – Mission

This is the time to discover and develop your unique abilities, brand, message, voice, and heart-driven mission. And when we talk about “mission,” we don’t mean making sales, getting your product out there, or growing your business. We’re talking about the distinctive core of your business and how you can let your ideal clients see what that is. That’s why it’s step one. Understanding what you specifically can do for your audience and clients will help you deliver the right kind of content, products, and services–ones that convert and convert quickly. The better you understand and develop this message, the easier the next steps of the METHOD will be.

Step 2 – Engage

Now you are ready to develop magnetic content and engagement strategies for attracting ideal clients who can’t wait to do business with you. You’ll want this content and strategy to drive your unique message home every time someone follows you on social media, clicks on a Pinterest pin, or engages with you as a brand.  

It’s also important to look at which types of content successfully create engagement. Learn what works to get YOUR specific audience to take action on YOUR specific content. Are they on Instagram? Do they appreciate you building a relationship with them through your blog posts? Find whatever most attracts them the most and do it a lot!

Step 3 – Transform

At this stage, you are transforming your impact into income by focusing on systems to nurture your leads and turn them into clients. You may have magnetic content and engagement strategies, but how are you going to turn followers and ideal clients into ACTUAL clients? How can you show them that your business will transform their frustrations into meaningful results?

Step 4  – Hold

Holding is the crucial stage of ensuring your systems of growth work, you are creating consistent clients,  and retaining repeat clients who become advocates for your business This is the step that is most missed for creative business owners. All too often, creative people want to keep creating and move on to the next thing. But they then miss the growth that comes from observing what’s working in their businesses and expanding on those things. 

Creative business owners can also fall into the trap of thinking they are failures if they don’t see immediate results. But here’s the truth: the first time you do something isn’t going to be your best! Every time we have launched something, it’s never been as good as the second or third time. And that’s OK. Your job at this stage is to maintain your optimism, multiply your successes, and implement systems to handle the growth you create. If you made one sale, you can make 100!  If you have 100 followers, you can grow your audience into 1000! 

Step 5 – Optimize

Here is where you take your strategies and systems and get them to run effortlessly without you. Take what’s working from the last step and see how you can refine it, extend it, cut costs, or delegate it to a team member to make it even better.  For example, Pinterest is a great way to expose new audiences to your content. If you are pinning and seeing some success from that, have you considered using Tailwind to pin more frequently without having to do it manually? Are you pinning on any group boards? These are ways to take what you are doing with Pinterest and create a system and strategy to increase your reach with less work. 

It’s important to always get yourself back to center with your vision and mission when you consider optimization, too. If you are struggling with pinning enough and your mission has to do with something like creativity, fun, and meeting with clients one-on-one, then you might want to optimize by hiring someone to take over this task for you. You could do your Pinterest work, but it’s not really in keeping with your core mission. So look for ways to optimize that will work well for YOU individually and positively impact your bottom line. 

Step 6 – Dream

Finally, it’s time designing and scaling the dream business, life, and growth you want to achieve. All throughout the previous steps, you’ve been building your business, transforming the lives of your clients, and holding and optimizing what’s been working. But dreaming is about aiming higher for the next level. Is it a course? Another product? An additional service? Whenever you know what the next level is, then you just go back through the METHOD again–rinse and repeat. 

The METHOD also keeps you accountable with your dreaming. Not every idea you have will be a great idea, and sometimes it’s just not the best time for something new.  As creative, multipassionate individuals, it’s easy to want to dream! But if you haven’t afforded yourself the time to maximize the previous steps, you might see that you are not actually at a point of readiness for dreaming. You might observe that what you really need is to dive deeper into your mission, work on holding your successes, or optimize some of your systems. It’s OK to go back. The METHOD is meant to be a circle of steps you can use over and over to calm the chaos and to set up and implement whatever it is that YOUR creative business needs. 

This Creative Boss Method collaboration is a part of OUR dreams–another way to serve our clients and other creative business owners. We’ll keep expanding on the METHOD in future episodes, and we’d love for you to help us in our mission of positively impacting creative entrepreneurs by subscribing. And please leave us a comment! We want to hear your thoughts and questions about the episode. Or even just say “hi,” because we’ll be entering all of our commenters into a drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card? And who wouldn’t enjoy winning that?!

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