Go From Struggling Side-Hustle
to Full-Time Creative Boss

The Six week Group Coaching Accelerator program with proven methods to create steady annual 6 figure revenue without sleepless nights and sleazy sales tactics.

Starts May 2020​​​​

This is for you if…

  • you’re ready to drop the busy schedule and start taking (and affording) weekends and vacations off!
  • you’re eager to learn exactly what it takes to wake up each day to new leads and payment notifications.
  • you’re tired of doing it alone and can’t wait to get personalized attention, implimentation, and accountability every step of the way.
  • you’re looking to know exactly what grows your business and how to put it into your personalized business playbook. (so you can grow profit and scale with systems)
  • you’re excited to take charge of your focus and only work the needle moving projects.
  • you’ve been struggling to develop the perfect content stratgy that acts like a magnet for your ideal clients.
  • you’re ready to scale your impact and income.

The Creative Boss M.e.t.h.o.d.


This is where we will discover and developing your unique abilities, brand, message, and heart driven mission


Next, we help you at this crucial stage of ensuring your systems of growth work, that you're creating consistent clients,  retaining repeat clients and advocates for your business


 Here, we help you plan your magnetic content and engagement strategies for attracting ideal clients who can't wait to do business with you.


Here is where we take your strategies and systems and get them to run effortlessly without you.


At this stage, you are transforming your impact into income. This is where we focus on the systems that nurture your leads and turn them into clients.


Finally, we'll work on next steps to design and scale the dream business, life, and growth you want to achieve.

Continuing to do it by yourself could mean…

  • continuing to struggle month-to-month, and having to discount your offers just to keep your business going.
  • spending a lot of wasted money to aquire new leads, and have little to show for it.
  • your following and sales will continue to stall as you struggle knowing what to post, when to post it, and how to scale
  • you just might not post or show up at all most of the time, because you lack the right plan, strategies, and focus.
  • you may continue with months of un-filled client seats and programs that don’t reach your sales goals
  • having a constant lack of time and money which means, never get to a point where you can hire team members so you can take time off.

Included Inside Your Accelerator

Live Onboarding Strategy Session

on Day 1

On day 1, we'll be diving deep into your business and how to get started on your 6-week plan. ($ Value)

6 Week's of Group Outcome-Driven Work

Each week, you will be given the tools, homework, action plans, and next steps for real outcomes ($ Value)

4 Live Group Coaching Sessions/ Hot Seats

In these strategy coaching sessions, we'll be diving deeper into your business growth strategies and making sure you're on-track and keeping up.

Personalized Audit of Your Business

Within the first 2 weeks of starting the Accelerator, you'll get a personalized audit of your business, with key actions directly from Kayla and Crystal.

Exclusive Access to the Creative Boss Method Success Kit

You'll get a 6-part program full of on-demand training videos, reference guides, and checklists to create your profitable 6 figure business.

Private Message Channel For Direct Support

Inside of this private Slack Channel, you will feel held by peers and supported by the Creative Boss Method team where you can interact,  Mastermind, and get personal feedback.

What you’ll be working on…

  • Align your content and messaging to attract your dream clients.
  • Learn the best pieces for Story telling, messaging, and content/copy writing
  • Setting up your business for continual refferal sources – bringing in more leads and sales
  • Draft and revamp your existing offers – create the best offer and have clients throwing money at you
  • Learn exactly when and how (step-by-step) to launch a new product, re-launch, beta test, open and close carts sales and limited time offers, and bonuses, upsells, downsells.
  • Get the repetitive systems (& structure) you need to be doing every week, month, and quarter for continued success and business grow
  • Learn how to give yoursel and your customer journey a full review and checkup.
  • Discover how your customers journey will impact your systems and business checkup.
  • Apply the right techniques to scale your specific business
  • Learn when and how to scale your business and following with ads, on a budget
  • What and how to scale your team creatively and working it into your specific budget and pricing.
  • How to scale your business and impact through collaborations. Know exactly who you should be collaborating with and how to start doing it.

You Won't Be Left Behind. 

With us, no student get's left behind. We've got your back. This program will fill up quickly with smart, passionate, like-minded, and empathetic entrepreneurs. What you get when you join the CREATIVE BOSS ACCELERATOR is more than a group coaching program.

You get a community of women and an instant friend group of growth-minded team mates.

We know first-hand what it's like to explore new ideas, stretch your goals, and grow a 6-figure business. It's our mission to make sure you are supported on your journey.

Starts May 2020

What Our Clients Say...

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~ Client Name, Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this suitable for me if I don’t have a website or business yet?

This program works best for entreprenuers who have brought in revenue of $1k per month. If you’re just starting out without a website or business service/product, then this program might not be for you.


I’ve never been a “computer person”. If there is a lot of tech involved, I probably won’t do it.

First, no student will be left behind! There is nothing too techy about this. Our coaching and systems, along with accountability buddies, tutorials, and “slack” communication channel will ensure you totally a have the best possible experience.


What if I have a question before signing up?

You can email your questions to creativebossmethod@gmail.com


How long will I have access to the group, resources, and coaching?

You get life-time access to all self-paced training materials. The slack channel for group members and students will remain open for ____. After the 6 week program is completed, you wil ___.

I’ve tried online courses and group programs, and I got lost. I think I really need one-on-one help. If this doesn’t have it, I probably won’t join.

Entrepreneurial Isolation and loneliness are real concerns for us! Which is why we created this Accelerator. It’s our mission to serve and never leave a student behind. That’s why we will have regular coaching calls where you will have a voice and a chance to voice your personal and specific questions. We’ll also be hosting “hot seats” regularly, and created the “slack” channel for the one-to-one feedback.


I don’t have the money to put towards a program like this. Is there a payment plan option?

Yes, there’s a 3 month payment plan available to reduce the initial impact.


This might be a waste of time. I’ve been in business for over a year, and nothing has changed. Why would it change now?

What’s the reason why you’ve been in business for so long and arent reaching your goals? We’ve been there. That’s why we developed these systems and strategies. It will give you the tools to reach your goals quickly.

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