Our core focus and how we help clients..


We aim to create an intentionally focused environment to accelerate the female business owner to their next level.


We’ve created resources that meet you right where you are. 

  • Check out our podcast to learn on your schedule.
  • Download our free resources to start taking action.
  • Attend our Workshops for guided step-by-steps.
  • Join the Accelerator for personalized coaching and accountability.
  • Get Social with us to stay connected and never miss a growth hack.


We don’t believe in the hustle mentality. But, here’s what we do value..

  • Loyalty to clients and partners
  • Commitment to a worthy mission
  • Dependable, Actionable, Results Driven Programs
  • Raw, Relatable, Honest and Real Answers
  • Family always comes first, Business comes second.
  • Passions/Creativity/Making Your Own Way
  • Driven/Self-Learning/Self-Starting
  • Staying On-Trend and Yet Knowing When to “Just Say No to Shiny Objects”


To get in touch with someone on the Creative Boss Method team, you can email us at creativebossmethod@gmail.com

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