4 Mistakes to Avoid while Building your Business (Episode 3)


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Beautiful branding: it’s got so many business owners wrapped around its little finger. In fact, beautiful branding can become so consuming for new business owners that they stall launching their products/services and developing really key pieces of their actual offers while investing SO much money and time into their online presence, website, and logo.

As creative bosses ourselves who actively work in the branding and photography fields, we’ve heard some variation of “Until my branding is done, I’m waiting to launch…” time and time again.

But here’s the thing: This type of branding-first-everything-else-later thinking could actually be a serious setback that is costing you a ton of missed opportunities, especially if you’re spending thousands of dollars before making a single sale.

So creative bosses, it’s time to break up with your time-consuming branding needs and desires! And with the money and energy you’ll free up, instead focus on these 4 mistakes to avoid when building your business for success.

Mistake #1: Not Validating Your Big Idea

What are you bringing to the market? What offer, product, or service do you have? And have you checked in with your ideal clients about whether it fits their needs?

Instead of trying to perfect your brand or create the best looking website, it would be a better idea to commit to growing your email list through creating an epic, irresistible lead magnet–one that you know your ideal clients would happily pay for–and giving it to them for free. Then you’d be validating both in your mind and the minds of your ideal clients that you know what you’re talking about and are a valuable authority in what you do.

Your ideal clients would be excited about the great information you share for free, and you’d have the opportunity to get feedback and testimonials from your audience. And many of those ideal clients just might share your offer with their following, too, which could increase your email list that much more.

Mistake #2: Not Knowing Your Ideal Clients Well Enough

Have you spent the necessary time getting to know what your ideal clients struggle with, what stops them from taking action, how they talk about their lives, and how they think things through?

These answers can be important links in the chain of moving your ideal clients to actual sales. Instead of spending hours upon hours developing a visual brand, consider using that time instead to get your brand message right, to make sure you are providing the right solutions to your ideal clients’ problems, and to address their frequently-asked questions and concerns.

In your social media and blog posts, try using those keywords and buzz topics that you think will resonate with your audience and see if you get an increase in engagement and attract more people to your email list. And take the time to listen to your audience, too. Polls and surveys can give you information to fine-tune your business and produce the kind of content that is exactly what your ideal clients need.

Mistake #3: Not Understanding the Immediate Needs or Creating Simple Offers

Have you identified an immediate need of your ideal clients? And if so, have you offered a simple solution? If it’s needed, if it’s simple, and if you can demonstrate proof of its benefits, your offer genuinely will sell. And once that perfect product or service is selling out, then you’ll have the resources to develop a bigger, better brand. Remember that your brand is just there to support your business goals, not the other way around.

Mistake #4: Not Having a Plan for Repeat Customers and Clients

Do you have a plan for bringing customers/clients back to work with you again and for turning them into loyal advocates for your business? If you’re not getting your customers to share your products with their friends or if you’re struggling to get repeat clients, then skip the rebrand, logo, and new website and focus on your customers’ journey with you.

Look at the steps they take from their initial awareness of your business through to advocacy.

  • Where is there room to improve their experience?
  • What could prompt them to be more willing to write reviews, buy from you again, or share your product with their friends?

When it comes down to it, a brand is so much more than colors, fonts, and video intros. Really, 90% of your brand is customer service, and what others say about their experience with you will have a HUGE impact on your brand. So before you worry about every last detail of how your brand appears visually, make sure that you’re providing amazing service so your customers/clients feel how you want them to feel after working with you.

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By now you probably see the importance of skipping some business steps (like perfect branding) in favor of getting right to the strategies of offer building. And to help you with that, next week we’re launching a new 3-step challenge all about creating an offer that sells.

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4 mistakes to avoid when building your business