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Kayla and Crystal share all the strategies from growing their own thriving and unique businesses as Creative Entrepreneurs.

Creative Boss Society

This group will have you confidently making more sales and growing your creative business in 30 day sprints, without feeling stuck, alone, or overwhelmed


A power-packed workshop series with that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating (or reviving) your creative business!

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The Creative Boss M.e.t.h.o.d.


Discover and develop your unique abilities, brand, message, and heart driven mission


This is the crucial stage of ensuring your systems of growth work, that you're creating consistent clients,  retaining repeat clients and advocates for your business


Plan your magnetic content and engagement strategies for attracting ideal clients who can't wait to do business with you.


Here is where you will take your strategies and systems and get them to run effortlessly without you.


At this stage, you are transforming your impact into income. This is where we focus on the systems that nurture your leads and turn them into clients.


Finally,  work on the next steps to design and scale the dream business, life, and growth you want to achieve.

Imagine being able to convert more leads and make more sales in your creative business, without feeling alone!

Using the Creative Boss Method , Kayla and Crystal will help you finally ditch that stuck feeling so you can build and grow your creative business.


Creative Boss Method

Much like you, Kayla and Crystal are Creative Bosses.

Both have grown unique businesses of their own to support and develop visual marketing and business strategies that grows profit and aligns perfectly with their client’s passions and purpose.

Together, they’ve combined forces, and created CreativeBossMethod.com to bring you special events and epic resources for growing, scaling, and profiting.

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